Personal safety should be of the upmost importance to individuals. We share 5 important safety tips to follow in a world that is filled with danger.

What comes to mind when you think of personal safety?

Martial arts is the answer for many people.

Personal safety is more than self-defense measures, it’s planning ahead. The number one rule of personal safety is to be aware.

Staying aware of your surroundings will make you less vulnerable to attackers. Planning ahead and remembering basic safety advice and personal safety tips could save your life.

It’s a sad reality that we live in a world where we cannot trust one another. Times only seem to be getting worse, especially with the development of new technologies that often fall into the hands of those with bad intentions. It’s more important than ever to take responsibility for your personal safety.

Keep reading for our top 5 personal safety tips.

1. Protect Your Address

Setting the home address in your phone, GPS, and other devices to an address near your home, but not your actual home, could save your life.

If your phone is stolen or if someone breaks into your car while you are not home, you don’t want to give them your address. They will then have the opportunity to rob your home or call friends of theirs in your area to do so.

If you keep papers in your car that have your physical address on them, you should store them in the glove box.

2. Keep Your Car Keys Out

This is an old tip, but a good one. Technology has not reduced the effectiveness of this personal safety tip.

If you have a physical car key, which most people do even if they have key-less entry, carry it with the tip sticking out from between your knuckles.

If someone tries to attack you, this will make a great weapon. If you need the key to get into and start the car, having it ready will reduce the time it takes to drive away.

3. Remote-Wipe Your Phone

You can enable this feature on your smartphone and it will allow you to wipe your data from your phone remotely in the event the device is lost or stolen.

If your phone winds up in the wrong hands, the thief could have access to tons of personal data about yourself and your family. This simple tip will eliminate that risk.

4. Be Careful on Social Media

Most people know that social media is risky, but they don’t realize the extent.

Being careful on social media goes further than avoiding posting incriminating photos that a future employer might find. For example, posting vacation photos while still on vacation lets people know you are away from home.

Check out this post for more things not to share on social media.

5. Keep Your Keyfob Within Reach

Here’s another great use for your keyfob- a home security system.

If you suspect someone is attempting to break into your home, press the alarm button on your keyfob. Your car horn and headlights will go off, scaring the intruder.

This will also help the police find your home more quickly.

More Personal Safety Tips

Keeping these personal safety tips in mind could save you a lot of trouble and even save your life. Attackers are looking for unaware victims, so staying aware of your surroundings makes you a less viable target.

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