You might ask, why is a personal injury law firm writing about bike safety?  Well, because the best way to deal with personal injury or accidents is to prevent them.  With spring around the corner, and the weather in Northern California already ahead of schedule, many of you will be out on the roads getting some miles in. Cycling can be very fun and great exercise but it can also be very dangerous. Here are a few tips that we hope will keep you safe.

Get Noticed

The best thing you can do to improve your safety odds while out on your bike is to be hard-to-miss. Although the vibrant colored bikes and flashy outfits may look ridiculous to some, they do actually serve the purpose of being very visible on the road.  In addition to that, a bright helmet and shoes also help you be spotted by someone coming home after a long day or driving to work before they have had a cup of coffee.  If you are looking for some good gear in the local Sacramento market checkout Kinetic Cycles.

Two is Better Than One

Solo rides are fun but maybe save those for the safer roads that are less frequented by busy traffic.  Northern California is considered the Capital for endurance sports and that means that there are tons of group rides for all levels.  Although some motorists may groan and scoff at groups of cyclists on the road, it is much safer to be in a big group than a solo, very easy to miss, rider.

Obey the Laws

As many of you decide to go on casual rides or commute to work on your bikes, it is a good idea to review some of the road laws that cyclists and motorists alike need to abide by.  It is already tricky to share the road with cyclists for a variety of reasons and in many situations, but it is even harder to do so when cyclists aren’t following the laws of the road.  Remember, following the laws keeps all of us safe and that includes cyclists.  No one is above the law.

Plan your ride

Planning helps eliminate surprises or uncertainty on the road.  Knowing where you are going helps you focus on the road and your surroundings.  Having a well tuned, prepared bike helps decrease your odds of being forced to do a repair or adjustment while on the shoulder of a busy road.  Always having charged lights and proper reflective gear will help you stay visible as you are riding home after sunset.  Strava is a good mobile app to use for playing your route throug your headphones, but there are many out there that have this type of route planning functionality as well.

Safety First but We Are Here to Help

We hope that these tips help you stay away from any danger when you are out on your bike.  It is a very unfortunate situation to be in, but cycling accidents do happen and if you have recently been in such a collision please contact us to allow us to assist you with your case.  The easiest way to start that process is to fill out our free case evaluation.