What to Do If an Aggressive Dog Approaches You

Knowing what to do if an aggressive dog approaches you is the number one way to help avoid an attack or injury. These three smart tips will help you stay safe.

There are a little over 4 million dog bite cases each year. These bites are from stray dogs, or family pets who you don’t suspect will become aggressive.

You already know not to approach strange dogs on a regular basis. But what happens if the dog comes you? Here are some tips on what to do if an aggressive dog approaches you.

What to Do If an Aggressive Dog Approaches You

In school, you learned about Stop, Drop, and Roll, and Say No To Drugs. But there weren’t any slogans for you to remember about dogs and their bites. These are some expert ideas on what to do in a dog attack.

1. Calm the Situation

Fight or flight is real, and it can either help or hinder any situation you’re in. And when it comes to aggressive dogs closing in on you, it’s best to keep them both to a minimum.

If a dog feels threatened, anything you do can make it feel more so. The biggest thing to remember is to try not to run away, even though this is natural instinct. This will trigger its chase mode. Try to back away as slow as possible, and keep your hands down or crossed.

Eye contact and smiling at the dog are both threatening gestures, as well. When speaking to the dog, keep your voice low and soothing. Then, inch your way to a place the dog won’t be able to reach you.

2. If the Dog Bites

First, don’t yank your hands back if the dog bites. It’ll be tempting because you’re afraid, but it could tear the skin more.

If you have something like a bag or anything you can find, put it between you and the dog. This can make the dog let go of your hand and give you time to find something else to use.

3. What to Do Once You’re Safe

Once you’re free from the dog, check your bite. If it’s severe, call 911. Either way, you may need help getting the dog away. Police will be able to help with the dog and get a case filed.

You will want to file a report.  This will help animal control take steps to make sure the dog does not attack someone else.  If you are injured it is always a good idea to consults with an attorney to see what your legal rights are under your individual situation.

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